A book about Julian Beever

Hiring Julian Beever

Art and slideshows

  • Julian Beever is available for hire for pavement chalk drawings or paintings, either anamorphic or non-anamorphic. These may be for commercial promotions, advertisements or any event where people may gather to view his work.
  • Julian may also be hired to give a one-hour slide-show presentation (using Powerpoint) of his life and work from his earliest days, to be followed by Q&As. These are ideal as :
    • after dinner speaking" sessions
    • talks to inspire students, for example in schools and colleges
    • any groups interested in his work or the pathway to success of an artist.

For further information please use the contact form on this website stating if possible, the nature and size of the event, plus when and where it will take place. Nothing is considered too big or too small.