Hiring Julian Beever

Pavement drawings

Pavement drawings - 3D Illusions

An overview of most of Julian Beever's 3D pavement drawings...

Anamorphic illusions are drawn in a special distortion in order to create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint.

In order to appear really 3 dimensional however, they need to be viewed either through a camera (which I have set up on a tripod for people to look through) or on a mobile phone, ipad or other screen. They do not look 3D to the naked eye.

Pavement drawings - Non 3D
Non 3D (7)

Before developing his 3D, anamorphic style, Julian worked as a street busker, doing more conventional 2D portraits on busy shopping streets in London and Europe. In this way he learnt how best to use pastels before attempting the more innovative and ambitious 3D illusions that were to follow.

Here we see a selection of drawings from those days: renderings of old Masters and large pastel portraits of the great and the good.

Pavement drawings - Miscellaneous

Things don't always go well...

Also shown are self-portraits at work.

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